Bricks Library

Bricks Library is a new business in the WordPress world, creating UI components for Bricks Builder. We helped implement UX design into their website and structure it in a way that would make it easy for visitors to understand and eventually turn into them paying customers. We also help with their hosting and social media platforms.
A screenshot of the pay monthly website mobile responsive design for Bricks Library
Saas company, Bricks Library's mobile responsive website design
The mobile responsive design of a SaaS section for Bricks Library's website
"Gumawa not only helped us to structure our website, but they also implemented business tactics and marketing strategies that have helped to increase our website traffic and sales. Mike was very helpful throughout the process, and he always made sure that we understood what was happening and that we were happy with the results."
Daniel Murray
Co-owner, Bricks Library
Daniel who works for Bricks Library
A list of products design and developed for Bricks Library's SaaS website
A screenshot of a web page built for Bricks Library
"Being able to work with Bricks Library was truly motivating. Their business idea is fascinating and it was a great pleasure working with such an innovative team."
Mike, Creative Director, Gumawa
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